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Offer your customers a one-click offsetting solution for every travel and logistics product. Simply integrate our API.


11:10 AM

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2:45 PM




Offset my trip for €1.00

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London 11:10 AM

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Paris 2:45 PM


1h 15m


Offset my trip for €1.64

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2 Days Hotel

New York City


2 days


Offset my trip for €3.20

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Helping industry leaders to offset their carbon emissions

“We see increasing consumer responsibility on environmental impact – and offsetAPI unlocks willingness to real action.”

Dae-hee Lee

Head of Environmental Social Governance Management at Lufthansa Group

“The offsetAPI helps us to meet our customer demand in todays sustainable world.”

Matthias Krohnen

Head of Customer Centric Applications at Miles&More

"The integration into the SWISS Flightpass was very smooth and the dashboard gives us easy access to all information."

Henning Bublies

Director of Venture Development at Lufthansa Innovation Hub


Sustainability-as-a-Service for your customers.

We provide you with a reliable end-to-end carbon offset service. The offsetAPI provides a detailed analysis and calculation of CO2 emissions and personalized offsetting projects matching your company’s needs. Our API enables you to offer your existing product portfolio in a sustainable way. Available for travel, mobility and logistics products and services.

On the road

No matter if you run an e-scooter, car-rental or forwarding business, you can now add carbon offsetting to your services.

Give your customers an easy access to green alternatives.

Up in the air

Responsible air travel has become a key topic for airlines and travel agencies.

With us, your customers can explore the world without leaving a negative impact on our environment.

On the journey

Hotels have a significant environmental impact. More and more customers are looking out for sustainable getaways.

Give them a green option and let them sleep easy at night!

We also offer our service to cruise, train, logistics and postal service providers.

Coming from a different industry?


Transform your business into a sustainable company

Fighting climate change is a global challenge. Customers are now looking for sustainable and purpose driven products and services.

Gain a competitive advantage

Sustainability is still a differentiating factor. Benefit from faster growth rates compared to non-sustainable businesses.

Step up your sustainability game

Do something good for the planet without incurring costs to your business. Choose which sustainable development goal (SDG) and projects you want your customers to support.

Respond to your customer needs

Meet your customer's growing demand for green services and benefit from increased customer loyalty.


A technology-first approach to going carbon neutral

Designed for the modern developer’s workflow, we provide you with a state-of-the-art JSON - REST API.

Our code enables easy implementation and a clear documentation. You have detailed questions about the technology?

You want to know more about the technology? Please contact us and we will shortly reach out to you.


Verified Carbon Offsets you can trust

We carefully choose our offsetting partners and projects and aim for an immediate impact. We carefully curate a personalized offset solution matching your brand, values and needs. Our projects support several SDGs and are certified by highest industry standards.

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SDGs 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13 & 17

Rainforest Reforestation

This community-​based reforestation initiative is situated upon a critical watershed that feeds into Nicaragua’s most important estuaries, the Estero Real.


SDGs 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 , 13 & 17

Direct Air Solar Panels for Education and Quality of Life

The use of solar lighting instead of kerosene lamps has positive effects on people’s health and leads to reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

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SDGs 9 & 13

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Is the first viable alternative to fossil kerosene. It is the key to sustainable air travel. Compared to fossil fuels, it reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Ready to get started?

Explore the offsetAPI and start your carbon neutral journey now. Contact us to explore a custom solution for your business.

Helping your business go carbon neutral. At no extra cost.

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